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Customs Broker

What does a customs broker do?

The customs broker and his assistants can carry out, in behalf of his customers, all acts related to customs clearance of assets or goods, including traveler’s luggage, transported by any means, whether in import or export.

The main function of a customs broker is the formulation of an import or export customs declaration which is nothing less than the proposition of destination to be given to goods submitted to the customs control, showing the customs regime to be applied to goods and informing the items required by the Customs for this regime application. For the goods identification or quantification, when necessary, unless in exceptional cases, the checking is made in the presence of the importer or his representative, i.e. his customs broker, and he himself can receive the goods after their clearance. In order that the customs broker can act as the representative of a company, to practice acts related to customs clearance, firstly he must be enrolled in the Integrated Foreign Trade System (Siscomex) by the legal responsible for the legal entity that should also have got his license to use the Siscomex.

In case of natural person, the representative enrollment must be made by the interested person himself, if he is licensed to use the Siscomex, or upon request to the IRS unit of customs clearance, in cases of unattended luggage.

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