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What is Siscomex?

  • The Integrated Foreign Trade System – SISCOMEX is a computerized system by which the governmental control of Brazilian foreign trade is made.
  • It is a facilitating tool which enables to adopt a single flow of information, eliminating parallel controls and reducing the volume of documents involved in operations significantly.
  • It is an instrument which adds competitiveness to exporting companies as it reduces the bureaucracy cost.
  • The Siscomex provided the integration of activities of all foreign trade management agencies, including the exchange, enabling to follow up, direct and control several steps of importing and exporting process.
  • The Siscomex started working in 1993 for exports and in 1997 for imports. It is directed by the management agencies that are: Foreign Trade Secretariat - SECEX, Brazilian Internal Revenue Service - RFB and the Central Bank of Brazil - BACEN.
  • The operations recorded by this System are analyzed online by the management agencies as well as by the consenting parties that establish specific rules for their goods clearance within their area of competence.
  • The       Electronic Drawback module has been incorporated to the Siscomex since 2001.


Did you know that...
Brazil is the only country in the world to provide a totally computerized export registration system? That is EXPORT SISCOMEX. A system which enabled a huge earning in agility, reliability, quick access to statistical information and cost reduction, among other advantages.

Siscomex Users
Importers, exporters, custodians and carriers by their employees or legal representatives;

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Tel: 55 11 5586-4300 / 5586-4350
Fax: 55 11 5586-4343
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